You Are Not Your Customers Banker

Friendly reminder: you are not your customers banker. Lemme say it again. You are not your customers banker!
Everyone on this planet will tell you they wanna buy a shirt for $10. There are places where we could all buy $10 shirts. At the end of the day, yes people will buy a $10 shirt and they will buy a $50 shirt. Just because they are saying out loud that they want a $10 shirt doesn’t mean they are opposed to a $50 when it’s presented to them and they see the value.
Example: I could literally get masks for free. In fact I don’t even need masks, but if I needed them I could get them for free or as close to free as possible. But my ass spent $24 on 6 masks recently. WHYYYYYYYYY Bc I was harassed with their ads and eventually saw the value in them.
What if that company went around thinking, “oh people could get masks for free”? No, instead they said, “our cotton masks are easy to breathe in, fashion forward and come in neutral colors so they can match any outfit”.
The big secret to success everyone is looking for is to target your ideal client and sell them the features, benefits and value instead of the product.

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