Website Audit

When was the last time you went through your website with the perception of a customer who has never shopped with you before? 

Sometimes it's easy to overlook certain details customers need to know in order to purchase because its second nature to us. 

Here are some details you can review on your own website from the perspective of a customer who has never shopped with you: 


  • Is your free shipping threshold displayed on every page of your site? The trick to this is making it the banner message so it is a static message. 
  • Bonus tip: Not sure what to price your free shipping threshold? Determine your average order value and increase by 20% then round up. Example: AOV of $46 x 1.20 = $55 ~ Free shipping threshold: $60
  • Do you have your shipping policy clearly outlined on its own page? This should include processing time and how the shipping fees are determined. If you ship by weight or flat rate, it should be explained. 


  • Clean up sold out products at least once a week or as soon as you notice something is sold out. The simplest way to do this is to remove it from being available on your Online Store channel. 
  • On your product pages, include any information that answers questions customers might have about that product. THIS ESPECIALLY INCLUDES SIZING. I realize most boutique brands/ styles fit pretty much the same across the board, however even just including S(2/4), M(6/8), etc on every single item will increase the confidence a customer has about making a purchase. I would steer clear of saying 'true to size' as that is pretty vague. 


  • ONLY ONE POP UP. That is it. Be sure to test your site on desktop and mobile to make sure you haven't missed any pop ups that were firing away. Today I went on someone's site and there was a pop up to download their app, sign up for texting and another for email. 3 pop ups at the same time. It was a little much. 
  • Bonus tip: turn off the one that says someone in XYZ city just bought this item. I know it is telling you it's generating sales, but the thing with any source of marketing is that the attribution is not exclusive, meaning that 4 types of marketing might been seen by a customer and each source will take credit. 


  • Simplify Simplify Simplify: Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Layers, Accessories, Snacks. 
  • Regardless if you have thousands of products or hundreds, keep it simple for your customers. If you have fewer items, this will make it look like more. If you have thousands, this will encourage doom scrolling which is a fave of most shoppers. 
  • Policy links that should be included: return, shipping & privacy (this one is required by law)
  • Bonus tip: do you have a link on your nav menu to download your app? WHY NOT!? 


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