Serve Your Ideal Customer The Perfect Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. ūüćē

However, not everyone loves the SAME pizza. Some of us go for a slice of cheese with pineapple dipped in ranch. Some of y'all are ordering a meat lovers deluxe on gluten free crust! 

As a business owner, it could be enticing to have a menu that offers every kind of pizza crust/ topping/ cheese combo ever made - because then you'll have something to offer anyone and everyone, right?! 

Thank goodness no! The goal of a business should not be to make pizzas that will appeal to everyone. 

Instead, the goal should be to have a pizza menu that appeals to a very specific type of customer.

And before you start spinning dough, you gotta be very clear on who that specific customer is that you will serve.

How do we do that? Lemme give you 10 steps to nail it. 

1. First we gotta be true to ourselves get real about the type of pizza we're gonna be satisfied making for a longggggg time! Personally, I'll never be satisfied making a gluten free, deep dish, meat lovers supreme so my ideal client will NOT fall into that category. Your industry likely has many niches, which one lights you up inside? Which one could you talk about for days and days? Be careful not to fall into the trap of going after the niche you perceive to be most profitable or easiest to target. 

2. Think about the average person in your niche and get to know their basic characteristics. How old are they? Are they married? Single? Do they have kids? Obviously you will have some married and some single sprinkled throughout, but think about the typical person in that niche. 

3. What are some of the typical jobs and hobbies that someone in your niche might have. Are they climbing the corporate ladder and doing yoga on the weekends? Or are they bartending at night and a member of a couple co-ed social sport leagues?

4. What is the living situation of your ideal customer? Are they in a single family home or in an apartment? Living with roommates or solo? Crashing at their parents or traveling around the world staying in Airbnb's?

5. What are your peeps doing for fun? Think outside of hobbies and more how the like to fill their time with family and friends. Are they going bar hopping or to the theater? Going on dates or hosting sleepovers with the kiddos?

6. As it relates to what you're selling, what are some of the frustrations that someone in your niche might experience? If you're selling clothes, maybe they are allergic to polyester. If you're a pizza place, maybe it's the lack of pizza parlors with ranch! 

7. What is the self image of someone in your niche? What are some of their insecurities? What do they feel confident about? What personality traits do they have? What's their enneagram, their attachment style or zodiac sign? (If those relate to your niche)

8. Think about the screen time habits of someone in your niche. How do they stay connected and consume information? Texting in group chats? Queen of the voice memos? Spending hours scrolling Instagram or TikTok? Do they get CNN alerts or Fox News? How many emails are in their inbox?

9. What type of language does someone in your niche use? Are there any key phrases that are common? Is the pizza wicked good or do we need to circle back at a later date to discuss? 

10. What are the money habits of someone in your niche? Is their objective to see how fast they can spend money in their bank account? Or do they spreadsheet and budget? Additionally, what attributes of a purchase help them sense the value of the money they spent?

I know it's a lot to think through. But of course, I got you boo. Download my worksheet to help you think through each point. 

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