Protect Your Assets

A Pixel is a short code embedded on your website that tracks every move every single person makes on your site.

A FB App ID is embedded in your app to do the same.

Both collect data that YOU as the business owner are entitled to keep.Ā 

If the Pixel embedded on your site or the App ID are not displayed in your Facebook business manager with YOU as a main admin - please contact whoever installed them immediately.

I just logged into someone's business manager and saw that they didn't have an app set up in Facebook, but they have an App ID entered in the mobile app settings. This means someone else created an App ID from their business manager and are collecting the data for their own use. šŸ„“Ā 

You can verify by going to:Ā 
and looking at the info under apps and Pixel then comparing it to what's embedded on your site.

If your site is on Comment Sold:
Your pixel is under setup > embed

If your site is on Shopify:
There is an option to connect a pixel under Online Store > Preferences, but if there is one displayed there, remove it and instead install the Facebook Channel and set up that way

If your app is on Comment Sold:
Your App ID is displayed under Mobile App > Settings > scroll way down
If this is blank, create one in your business manager otherwise the host of your app is collecting the data and not you.

If your app is on Vajro:
You need to be on the second tier plan, click on integrations > analytics > Facebook SDK
Also, if you don't have one, create one and go through the steps to authorize. They will have you add their developer as an admin to the app, this is OK!

If I run ads for you, you're set up correctly, but you're welcome to verify.Ā ā¤

If I don't and you have questions, please post themĀ HERE, tag meĀ and I'll assist as much as time permits.

Remember - your data is YOURS,, should not be shared between accounts as this is a privacy issue and exactly how to prevent authentic growth. Your customer lists and/ or Pixel data should NEVER be used to create audiences for other people. I heard this was happening and I about died.

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