Plan To Win

Plan To Win
I wanted to share something that's been really really helpful for me lately - creating a schedule for sales. I'm sure this is not the first time you've heard it, but hopefully this simple version will speaks your language.
As you can see, I keep it super short and sweet, but have it filled in according to what I'm going to launch that day. Admittedly, this has become easier since I've started using drop shipping. Also for each launch, I do the exact same thing, so my to-do list on the side is more a checklist of things I need to do to prep for the launch. Consistency is key y'all!
So based on my drop shippers schedules, I can fill this out for the month, prep my entire week on Monday (at least that's the goal) and my peeps know what to expect!
Get creative, if you use one main drop shipper that requires a fee, find a couple others that offer one product and use those as fillers. I tried having a couple that offered a full range of products and that didn't work. Now I have my main one, a graphic tee one and a snack one.
Click here to download the calendar template!

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