iOS 14.5.1 and how it affects your business

Yep, its time to update your iPhone again and this time you REALLY want to pay attention. 

Trevor Noah did an amazing job explaining this update on The Daily Show last night, you can watch here

The major update this time is that now iPhone users need to OPT IN to data tracking in their phones that Facebook can then use as data points for businesses running ads. Previously, we had to specifically OPT OUT. 

Essentially this update kicks the FBI agent out of your phone and requires you to let him back in. 

Previously, if someone was scrolling the Safari app, searching for jackets, Facebook would pick that up as a data point that this person likes jackets. Now unless that user has opted in to tracking, that data point won't be picked up. 

What does this mean for your business? If you were running ads targeting people that liked jackets, pre -iOS update, that person would have been included, post update, they would not. 

So what do we, as small businesses and advertisers do? 

1. ACCEPT our reality. 

2. Be PATIENT with our ads. This changed JUST happened, so we will likely see stagnancy over the next few weeks, but we don't want to put anything on pause because we gotta let that algorithm work itself out! 

3. If you're NOT running ads, you do want to make sure your Facebook Business Suite is set up correctly. If you're not even sure what I'm referring to, shoot me an email with the subject: HELP! 

I promise we will get through this! I'm here for y'all! 


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