How much should I spend on ads?!

That is the magic question right?!
The answer: It depends on your realistic goal. Yes I know everyone wants more sales at the end of the day, but you need to set realistic expectations based on your budget.
Facebook needs to reach the desired goal you set 50 times in a week in order for it to optimize the ad. If your ad is set up for purchases, that means 50 purchases, if it's engagement, that means 50 post engagements, etc.
Here are some realistic goals based on budget:
$10/ day:
  • Send people to your website for them to explore, add to cart and catch them with an email flow.
  • Retarget existing customers, web visitors, size ads. (Size ads are only effective if you have 200+ customers in each size)
  • Increase Facebook Page engagement
  • Increase Facebook Video Views engagement
  • TEST audiences for future campaigns with larger budgets with the understanding that you will likely see zero purchases from this.
    $20/ day:
    • All of the above
    • Niche targeted ads to one audience (Run Schitt's Creek ads to people that like Schitt's Creek)
      $30/ day:
      • All of the above
      • Target super cold audiences with the goal to make a purchase.
        I cannot stress this part enough: you will not be a millionaire tomorrow if you're spending $10/ day. On average, you should be spending 8-10% of your goal on marketing. $10/ day will work as long as you're realistic about what to expect AND have the proper systems in place on the back end to engage anyone that comes to your site. I hope this helps!

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