FBI Agent In Your Phone or Data Tracking?

Danielle Fewings

Posted on June 02 2021

FBI Agent In Your Phone or Data Tracking?

I know it seems like we all have an FBI Agent that lives in our phones and I hate to break it to ya, but it's really just insanely detailed data that Facebook has been collecting on you since 2008.

This is my ad and my friend Faye sent me a screenshot bc it showed up in her feed! I said I have it set to target women who like Schitt's Creek, that's it. She asked how Facebook knew she likes Schitt's Creek, because she doesn't technically "like" the SC FB page. Then I thought I'd explain how this all works to y'all! 🖤 What a day to be alive!
Here are a few likely reasons she saw my ad aka falls into my target market for my ad:
  1. At some point in her life on Facebook she has at the minimum, looked at a post about Schitt's Creek for more than 3 seconds.
  2. She might follow Dan Levy or the show on IG.
  3. She may have posted about SC on Fb at some point.
  4. She has engaged with my business page, so they know she is likely to engage again.
  5. She has shopped with me so the Pixel installed on my site recognizes her and is likely to shop from me again.
  6. She has opened an email from me, which is connected to my site, making it likely she will shop again.
  7. She may have purchased something SC related from someone else and the Pixel installed on their site tracked it, adding that data point to her "file" on Facebook.
  8. Maybe the email address she uses to login to Netflix is the same she uses to log into Facebook and her viewing data shows she likes SC.
  9. She might have several friends that also like SC and therefore FB determined she probably also likes SC.
  10. Everyone likes SC so duh. Ok this one is a joke.
    Notice I didn't say she's texted or talked about SC and that's how Facebook knows. I know it seems like you can say out loud that you want something and suddenly your ads are full of that item, but you likely saw that item elsewhere or a friend has that item and Facebook creates the connection.
    Another perfect example is this brand Kitsch. I mentioned this brand to Faye earlier bc I ordered from them this morning and without skipping a beat she said she wanted to order their masks. We've never discussed it before, but she knew what I was talking about bc I'm sure she also gets their ads - Facebook made the connection.

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