5 Facebook Advertising Tips

Running Facebook ads is very complex, I know lots of people want to tackle it on their own, which is great! You will 100% feel like you're wasting money while you're trying to learn, but I promise, you're getting an education. Think of it like college tuition! Just make sure you're taking the steps to dig into each ad, not just throwing one up and hoping for the best.
5 FB Ads Tips:
  1. Be clear on the goal of the ad! Obviously the end goal is always more monies in your pocket, but the strategy for your ad will largely depend on HOW you sell.
  2. Be clear on your ideal client. There are over 20 million adult women on Facebook in the United States. If your ideal client is woman who wears clothes, well it's going to cost you a lot of money trying to reach all 20 million of those women. Narrowing down your ideal client allows you to target women based on their interests and behaviors.
  3. Set realistic expectations. You are not going to run an ad today and become rich tomorrow. Your expectations need to align with your goal, target market and budget.
  4. Implement infrastructure to support the ads you're running. Is your goal to get more live viewers, but you're only going live once a week? Is you goal to get more people to explore your website, but your website isn't user friendly? Are you running ads to customers by size, but you don't really have anything new to show them in their size?
  5. Measure all results. You might be running an ad w the goal to get people to add to cart, but calculating how many people added to cart shouldn't be the only thing you measure! You should also include how many people made a purchase after the fact from your add to cart recovery emails!

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