3 month results 🔸 2.31x Return on Ad Spend

3 month results 🔸 2.31x Return on Ad Spend

Here is another win! We always want to see a min of 2x ROAS, which means for every $1 spent on ads, they are getting $2 back! 

One of the major challenges we saw w this account was that when we started they had no Facebook page or Pixel installed on their website. This gave Facebook minimal data to work with in order to optimize ads from the get go. 

Additionally, the goals of the retailer fluctuated. Initially they wanted more engagement on their new Facebook page, shortly after wanted carousel ads showing up in the feed. 

A lot of our retailers do LIVE selling and like to see the viewership on their live sales grow from ads. However, viewers don't always equal buyers. We would rather focus on getting purchases that affect the bottom line. 

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